2021 Volkswagen Arteon Driving Video

Volkswagen brought the new Arteon to market last Autumn, and with it an additional body variant: the new Arteon Shooting Brake. Now the powerful top models have been added, and their key data is impressive: acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds, an optional increase in maximum speed to 270 km/h, plus permanent all-wheel drive with the sophisticated R-Performance Torque Vectoring technology, which distributes power individually between the rear wheels and enables even higher cornering speeds. The exclusive R colour Lapiz Blue is available for both body variants. The high-performance braking system with blue brake callipers and R logo and the distinct front air intakes not only look good, but also enhance performance. The suspension is tuned for a sportier drive, and the DCC adaptive dampers can be steplessly adjusted using the touchscreen in the cockpit. The driver can select Comfort, Sport, Race or Individual driving mode using the R button on the steering wheel – and the list of benefits does not stop there.

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