2022 HONDA CB500X Teaser

The famous Honda CB500F, CBR500R and CB500X are renewed for 2022 with important updates regarding the engine and the frame to help increase their desirability towards all lovers of two wheels, from beginners to the most experienced. The most significant updates can be observed at the front where a 41 mm upside-down Showa SFF-BP fork has been inserted, which is combined with new and lighter aluminum wheels with split spokes, and double 296 front discs. mm and to Nissin radial mount calipers, ensuring overall even more driving quality. All three bikes, always fun to ride, have a lightened swingarm but with greater torsional rigidity and increased lateral flexibility, with the aim of increasing handling and road holding. As for the brilliant 500cc twin-cylinder engine, the beating heart of the three bikes, it has been updated in the PGM-FI electronic injection settings so as to emphasize the torque delivery and make the bike more brilliant, while maintaining the 35kW limit. maximum power allowed for A2 license holders.

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