2022 SUZUKI BURGMAN 400 Onboard Preview

Hamamatsu engineers designed the Burgman 400 with the idea of ​​making a two-wheeled coupe and their mission can be considered accomplished. The superstructures, refined down to the smallest detail, appear streamlined and ready to guarantee exceptional protection from air and bad weather. To highlight the line and clean lines of the designer’s pencils, Suzuki has selected the new Metallic Matte Sword Silver color, which offers a satin effect for the first time in the range. This finish is reminiscent of a sword blade and, combined with the blue rims, creates a strong bond with Suzuki road sports cars. A key element of the look are the full LED headlights. The headlights give the scooter a unique luminous signature with the classic family feeling of the Burgman family and guarantee exceptional visibility in all conditions. The Burgman 400 offers a perfect driving position that guarantees high ride comfort and gives a reassuring feeling of control. The saddle is equipped with a comfortable adjustable backrest with an ideal distance from the platform, whose wide flares make it more comfortable and easy to place your feet well on the ground.

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