BMW i Hydrogen NEXT at the Frankfurt International Motor Show 2019

The BMW Group, as a pioneer in electromobility, is preparing itself for the complex requirements of the mobility of the future and is presenting the fuel cell development vehicle BMW i Hydrogen NEXT at the IAA." The BMW Group assumes that various alternative forms of drive will exist side by side Hydrogen vehicles are an important alternative to and complementary to battery electric drives, and this diversity in electrified powertrain technologies, including plug-in hybrids, underscores the commitment of the BMW Group to take a well thought-out way to emission-free mobility. In 2022, the BMW Group plans to introduce the next generation of hydrogen fuel cell electric drives in a small series based on the current BMW X5. The BMW i Hydrogen NEXT gives a first look at this small series. At the earliest from 2025 and depending on market requirements and framework conditions, the BMW Group will offer fuel cell vehicles for customers.


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