Brooklands Museum set to open “Driven by Design” supercar exhibition with McLaren Automotive to showcase engineering and design talent

On 26th July Brooklands Museum will open its new ‘Driven by Design’ exhibition exploring the fascinating world of supercar design in collaboration with McLaren Automotive. As part of the company’s long-standing commitment to encourage more young people into careers that involve science, technology, engineering, maths and design, McLaren is loaning three exhibits including a McLaren Senna GTR prototype car, a McLaren Senna GTR concept car and a full-scale LEGO model of a McLaren 720S. The exhibition forms a key part of the supercar company’s 10-year anniversary celebrations. Will also feature some of the 2,500 strong team who help design, engineer, test and build these incredible supercars including McLaren Development Driver Bruno Senna. Brooklands holds a proud position as the birthplace of motorsport in the UK, not only boasting the first purpose-built racetrack anywhere in the world but it also held Britain’s first Grand Prix in 1926. Alongside its place at the centre of British motorsport, Brooklands has a strong history of aviation design and manufacture with many technologies developed there such as carbon fibre composites, which McLaren first introduced into Formula 1 40 years ago, and has featured in every McLaren race or road car since.

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