2019 Renault EZ-POD Preview

The market for mobility services emerged about ten years ago with projections reaching nearly 11 billion euros in 2020. Opportunities are many, and Groupe Renault is heavily involved in identifying and developing new shared mobility services across the board. As the micro-mobility landscape undergoes a sea change, Groupe Renault unveils EZ-POD, an exploratory electric and autonomous vehicle for on-demand travel over short distances. Designed for people transportation or good delivery, Renault EZ-POD maximizes usage relative to the space it takes-up (3 m2). Like electric scooters (for which the regulations are still evolving) or the bicycle, Renault EZ-POD is a limited-speed micro-mobility solution. It’s also autonomous, inclusive and safe. There are a host of applications where the Renault EZ-POD’s agility makes it ideal. Where a shuttle runs along pre-defined routes, several pods can be combined to pick up travellers and bring them to their destination. Because pods are small and drive slowly, they are less obtrusive in a crowded urban environment – making these robo-vehicles flexible in use and socially acceptable.


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