7 ways to curb sugar cravings

Here are seven helpful ways to avoid getting addicted to sugar. 1. Keep your blood sugar level constant. Start the day with a nutritious breakfast. Carbohydrates ensure that the empty energy stores are filled up. 2. Proteins have a long-lasting filling effect because they are digested more slowly, so make sure you have enough during the day. 3. 3. Consciously avoid sugar and sweeteners. If you take a break, after the first few weeks your body will adjust and cravings will decrease. 4. Keep an eye out for hidden sugar. Read ingredients on packaged food, The dangerous thing about sugar consumption is that, among other things, it often happens completely unnoticed. 5. Try to get enough sleep. A lack of energy and the need to balance it, increases the craving for sugar. 6. Try to avoid stress. Sugar is calming due to the serotonin production in the brain, meaning stressed individuals are considered to be at particular risk. 7. Get moving. Even just a fifteen-minute brisk walk can curb the cravings.

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