Abarth Day 2018 Vallelunga

Saturday 27 October at the Vallelunga circuit (Rome) the largest official Abarth rally was held – the final stage of the Abarth Day 2018 that involved thousands of fans in Austria, France, Portugal, United Kingdom, France and Germany before the Italian leg . The protagonists of the event are the Abarth 124 spider and the new range of the iconic Abarth 595, developed in the name of its double soul that embodies performance and style. Standard on the new 595 Competizione and 595 Pista a new version of the legendary Record Monza exhaust, which gives the engine a new sound, even more engaging, which underlines its „performance“ soul. The rumble that contributes to the sports legend Abarth was the soundtrack of a day with a high rate of adrenaline.


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