Audi e-tron Prototype extreme Pikes Peak recuperation Design Preview

With driving dynamics tests on Namibia’s salt flats and savanna, the Audi e-tron prototype is at present impressively demonstrating its handling qualities. All made possible thanks to a new generation of the quattro drive – the electric all-wheel drive. In conjunction with the versatile suspension, its low center of gravity and the powerful electric motors, the electric SUV offers powerful traction, outstanding dynamics and unshakable stability on disparate terrain. The scenario: drifting across the sand flats and offroad through the savanna The dried-out salt lake on the edge of the Kalahari Desert measures 2 by 2.3 kilometers (1.2 by 1.4 mi). Its porous, hard surface with fine-grained gravel offers a low coefficient of friction – optimal conditions to experience the Audi e-tron prototype in a controlled drift and get a feel for its lightning-fast acceleration coupled with high traction. This is possible thanks to the electric all-wheel drive and numerous suspension systems that are intelligently interconnected, most notably the Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC), the Audi drive select dynamic handling system and the standard air suspension. On rough terrain it increases the ground clearance of the Audi e-tron prototype at the push of a button by 50 millimeters (2.0 in). At the same time the ESC optimizes the traction and brake control and increases the effect of the electronic differential lock for optimum power transfer and propulsive power. As such, the electric SUV effortlessly takes even the sandy soil of the African savanna in its stride. The two electric motors provide the ideal power source for the high-precision, ultrafast electric quattro. In boost mode they provide up to 300 kW and a maximum 664 Nm (489.7 lb-ft) of torque. The effective thermal management plays a crucial role in their performance. It allows the performance to be reproduced even if the powertrain components are subjected to high loads. The result: outstanding dynamic handling and driving pleasure at all times.


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