Better together – Why Axel Springer and Porsche team up to find the best startups

Sometimes, one can easily be under the impression that innovations only come from Silicon Valley. We are convinced: It’s high time to change this perception. That’s why we started APX, the joint accelerator program of Axel Springer Digital Ventures and Porsche Digital. At APX, we believe in Europe – as fertile soil for smart minds and great ideas, for innovation and growth. For us, Europe is the perfect hub for startups. Our mission is to identify fearless founding teams with ambitious digital ideas and global aspirations. We want to help early-stage startups to pick up speed and to accelerate their growth. Therefore, we invest in digital business models across industries and sectors, including lifestyle, mobility, travel, fintech, media, and healthcare. Another corporate accelerator, you think? Well, think again – at APX, we do things differently. First of all, we believe that real value lies in people, not in business models. That’s why we support startups in the very beginning of their development, sometimes even before they enter the market. To follow this passion, we are willing to go great lengths – for example from Berlin to Helsinki to attend the Slush Festival in Northern Europe

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