BMW Beijing Research and Development Center

BMW Group Shanghai R&D Centre opened in June 2018 as part of BMW’s Innovation Day China. The event showcased BMW’s latest developments in the areas of innovation, digital services, autonomous driving and automotive design. Following the opening of the Beijing R&D Centre and the laying of the foundation stone for phase II of the Shenyang High-Voltage Battery Centre in May 2018, the new R&D Centre in Shanghai marks another milestone for BMW’s “In China, for China” R&D strategy, illustrating how the BMW Group has further enhanced the R&D network in China. With China leading the way for innovation worldwide, the BMW Group values the country’s importance as a driver of innovation and will continue to increase its R&D investment there. “China has a world-class infrastructure, abundant skills and strong support from the government. As one of the most vibrant cities in China, Shanghai is in touch with the latest trends and represents the cutting edge of technology and innovation. It has become the spearhead of innovation for BMW’s R&D network in China and an incubator for future technologies. The Shanghai R&D Centre will focus on autonomous driving, digital services and futuristic design, and will expand collaboration with leading high-tech companies. With its team of experienced and talented professionals, the Shanghai R&D Centre will bring more and more innovative technologies to Chinese customers,” said Mr Jochen Goller, President & CEO, BMW Group Region China.

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