Citroën at VivaTech Paris 2019 – Interview Linda Jackson, CEO

For 100 years, Citroën has cultivated boldness and creativity with a view to enhancing mobility. As such, it was a natural move for the Brand to take part in Vivatech, the global innovation event, to world reveal a concept car and its latest innovative projects on mobility and user friendliness led with French partners. Featuring on the Citroen stand are: a) Two complementary visions of mobility that project the Brand into the future, : a concept car making its world debut – The 100% electric urban mobility solution, with Ami One Concept, a disruptive 100% electric object that places digital technology at the heart of a new urban mobility experience offering greater freedom and peace of mind. – The Citroën’s vision of ultra-comfort and full electric, with the second concept car of Citroën’s centenary year, world revealed at VivaTech on 16 May: with its exceptional styling, it symbolises ultra-comfort and brings motorists a unique travelling experience on board a 100% electric and autonomous object featuring artificial intelligence.b) Partners for a new mobility experience Citroën will also be presenting its latest innovations relating to the digital experience and motoring well-being, developed with five French partners: – Ami One Concept Digital Experience, a simplified customer journey devised with Mullenlowe – The sound identity of Ami One Concept, created by Start-Rec, a sound ambiance for a fresh experience of the city – The Citroënist editorializer, developed with Relaxnews, an editorial platform that facilitates the access of media companies to the right information – Seetroën anti-travel sickness glasses, an innovation that enhances travelling comfort developed with Boarding Ring and Studio 5.5

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