Did someone say ‚The Silence of the Lambs‘? Not this fella!

Cumbrian farmer and photographer Amy Bateman may have a magical lamb on her hands – one of her newborns can SPEAK. The lamb – just a few days old and dubbed Harry Potter by Amy’s wizard-loving children – can seemingly read. In fact, it demonstrated its uncanny skill on Friday (12 April) by spying a personalised number plate and repeating what it read. The number plate being Amy’s and spelling out the word ‚BAA‘ may have helped in the youngster’s confident read back. Amy introduces the sheep as „the lamb who can read“ and crouches with the lamb in her hands in front of the number plate of the Nissan Navara vehicle. „What does this say?“ Amy questions as she points to the registration. Without hesitation the lamb loudly bleats ‚“baaaaaaa“.


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