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Communicating is essential in life. It’s also the vital in Formula 1 where it can be found in many forms, from radio communication between the engineers and the drivers in the cockpit, when finding the right moment to talk is essential, to avoid distracting the driver when he’s doing 350 km/h! But communicating in Formula 1 is much more than that: from the signal given by the race engineer to the chief mechanic indicating it’s time to take off the tyre blankets, to the driver getting the nod informing him it’s safe to pull out into the pit lane. Then there’s the pit board hung over the wall to show the gaps to other cars on every lap, the engineers’ monitors, packed with information, the dash in front of the driver on the steering wheel, the lights around the track that indicate the flag colours being shown at any one time. Then there are the best forms of communication: the celebratory hug, the pat on the back, the handshake, heartfelt and sincere. After all, as the French philosopher Henri Bergson once said, ” ”Communication takes place whe, in addition to the message, a supplement of soul passes.” And this happens thousands of times in our team over the course of a single race weekend. That’s why communicating is also #essereFerrari.


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