Heritage HUB – An innovative space preserves the glorious history of the FCA Heritage

The Heritage HUB is inaugurated today, the fluid and creative space that houses the FCA Heritage department. This area does not simply respond to the natural need for a modern and stimulating work environment, but represents a multi-purpose space, a place of narration linked to the territory, where the FCA Heritage mission can best be expressed: protection, dissemination and promotion of historical heritage of the Italian brands of FCA. Heritage HUB is born in an evocative and evolved building, where interaction and connectivity give a new look to the glorious history of Fiat, Lancia, Abarth, the most closely linked brands in the Turin area, and Alfa Romeo. It rises in the former Officina 81 in Via Plava, in the industrial area of ​​Mirafiori, a historic mechanical production plant and a sub-alpine reality of inventiveness and engineering that today generates new energy. The original environment was the subject of a careful conservative restoration that respected the industrial nature, the historic colors, mustard and green, the cement flooring, the lattice of metal pillars. Looking up you can admire the suspended exhibition on the history of Mirafiori, a journey of photographic and textual panels that tells the most significant events of the establishment through an engaging and intuitive use, eighty years after its inauguration. Furthermore, inside the Hub there are all the services and products signed by FCA Heritage and the exclusive showcase of „Reloaded by creators“, the project that certifies and brings historic cars back to their original beauty, making them available for sale. But the most significant surprise concerns the inimitable exhibition of cars: the 15,000 m2 of Heritage HUB host over 250 cars, authentic jewels of the FCA Heritage collection – some never shown in public – that make the structure a place of training and emotion : not a traditional museum space, but a real three-dimensional archive in constant enrichment and an incubator of ideas that can be admired through guided tours. The central area of ​​the space hosts eight thematic exhibitions, each of which houses eight cars from different eras and brands: the oldest dates back to 1908, and the most modern from 2008. A century of history in sixty-four cars, apparently far apart for type, age and brand, but capable of concretely representing the theme of the area to which they belong, according to an innovative exhibition criterion. The space will soon be open to the public, and on 2 April, on the occasion of its presentation to the press, the new „Brand“ section will be debuted on the FCA Heritage portal, describing the history of brands from an industrial point of view, the evolution of logos , the most significant characters and cars.


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