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How Algerian Football Fans Helped Topple A Dictator

Mass anti-government protests have rocked Algeria for the past three months now after an ailing Abdelaziz Bouteflika announced his intention to run for a fifth presidential term. Football supporters were the first ones to protest the fifth term from their terraces in the form of song. Leading up to another weekly mass protest in the middle of March, the government decided to schedule the Derby of Algiers, which pits two of the most politically active sets of supporters, USM Alger and MC Alger, against one another. As a result, the vast majority of supporters decided to boycott the match, preferring to channel their efforts on ousting the government. This film was funded by our newly launched Creator Commissions initiative. Each month, there is a grant of up to £1000 accessible to any COPA90 fan and filmmaker to tell a story they feel the football community should know about. To find out more about our Creator Commissions, please visit: Check out more from Maher Mezahi here: @mezahimaher Research & production: Maher Mezahi Presented by: Maher Mezahi Music Licensed By: Audio Network Subscribe to COPA90: Have your voice heard, Join the CROWD: Want a regular dose of COPA90 goodness all in one place? Sign up for our newsletter to spice up your inbox today! Check out our new website: About COPA90: At COPA90 we believe that football is the universal language. We’re here to entertain, inform and celebrate football and its fans. Whether it’s chats and challenges with your favourite footballers, in depth documentaries about fan culture or amazing animations and explainers about the biggest stories in the game, COPA90 is how football feels. Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – Google+ – Snapchat – copa90 Weibo 微博 – Leave us a comment below!

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