Interview with Luca Napolitano, Head of Fiat and Abarth EMEA

Transform the ordinary into something extraordinary to offer the best products in the segment of compact sports vehicles. This is the mission of the brand with the Scorpion logo, which has always been synonymous with features and emblematic Italian style, and which last year set a new sales record in Europe. „With nearly 23,500 vehicles sold in Europe and a growth of 36.5%, Abarth set its sales record last year,“ said Luca Napolitano, director of the Fiat and Abarth brands for the EMEA region. „The results were excellent in many markets, such as the United Kingdom, where more than 5,600 vehicles were sold with a growth of 26.8%, which is a new sales record in its own right, and in Spain with 1,450 vehicles and a growth of 26.6% I am very proud of these results that demonstrate the internationality and attractiveness of the brand outside of Italy and confirm that we have a range that perfectly meets the requirements of an increasingly broad target. „


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