Italian carabineri takes delivery of liveried Jeep Wrangler

The Italian Carabinieri has taken delivery of a special Jeep Wrangler it will use to patrol the beaches of Romagna this summer, protecting residents and holidaymakers. Wearing the force’s eye-catching livery, the vehicle was presented this afternoon in Rome at a ceremony in the grounds of the Carabinieri High Command, in the presence of Commander-in-Chief Giovanni Nistri, Vice Commander Riccardo Amato, FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne and EMEA Region COO Alfredo Altavilla. Once in active service, the Wrangler will be used for surveillance work on the Romagna Riviera, and more specifically the 30 km of beach between Cattolica and Bellaria that includes the popular resorts of Rimini and Riccione. It will be the first time such an operation – designed to provide even greater safeguards and security during the busy summer season – will have been conducted in Italy.


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