Mercedes-Benz Year-End Press Conference

Connectivity, autonomous guidance, digitalisation of services and solutions for mobility and electrification are the factors destined to revolutionize the concept of mobility, in this scenario of profound change also changes our natural vocation as car manufacturers in that of service provider mobility, to respond more effectively to the needs and needs of our customers The road to achieving this goal runs along five lines, five key elements that represent the pillars of a strategy to redesign the future of mobility and increase the value and growth of the Daimler Group: CORE, CASE, CULTURE, COMPANY and CUSTOMER. Daimler looks to the future and anticipates the great changes that are revolutionizing the rules and the concept of mobility itself, through a strategy that is distributed over five pillars. Five C that identify as many strategic components. CORE, CASE, CULTURE, COMPANY and CUSTOMER are, in fact, the keys to implement the biggest change in the history of the Group, from a leader in the production of vehicles, to protagonists in the provision of services for mobility. The aim is to strengthen the core business globally, establish itself as a leader in the new sectors of the future, adapt the corporate culture to new social and professional changes and strengthen the divisional structure. The reference standard of these strategic components is represented by the fifth C, the most important: the Customer.

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