One million kilometers on board your Subaru Forester

The Slovenian musician Jerner Jung has traveled a million kilometers, the equivalent of 25 laps around the world, at the wheel of his first-generation Subaru Forester he bought on the recommendation of a friend in 1998. Jerner (Jerry for friends) remembers the moment in which the odometer of his Forester clicked when reaching the 999,999 kilometers when he was driving through his native Ljubljana: “I kept looking at the odometer constantly because I thought it would restart automatically at 0 km, so I started taking pictures to avoid anyone Believe me, but to my surprise it stopped at 999,999 km. ” Two decades after buying his vehicle and having driven under all weather conditions and on all kinds of roads and highways, Jerry Forester has never broken down. “I always followed the maintenance recommendations rigorously and even today it still conserves approximately 70% of its original parts”. This is not the only Forester in Jerry’s garage, since a few years ago he bought a third-generation Forester with which he has already traveled more than 150,000 kilometers.

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