Porsche and WayRay – Interview Vitaly Ponomarev

Porsche has invested in WayRay; the up-and-coming technology start-up from Zurich develops and produces holographic augmented reality head-up display technologies and is working on seamlessly integrating virtual objects into the driving experience. Porsche has bought into WayRay as a strategic lead investor during the current Series C funding round. The total value of the financing round is 80 million US dollars (69 million euro). Porsche has taken a stake in WayRay alongside Hyundai Motor, JVCKENWOOD and various funds, positioning itself alongside investors such as Alibaba Group. The collaboration between WayRay and Porsche forms part of the “Startup Autobahn” innovation platform and will now be strategically developed to actively drive forward the future-oriented technology and its use cases in the automotive industry. WayRay is working with various manufacturers to open up the technology to new fields of application.

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