Porsche Classic „Project Gold“

A classic body is the starting point for a vehicle that will ultimately become a truly unique piece – assembled in the Porsche Classic workshop and individualized by the sports car manufacturer’s designers. Porsche Newsroom accompanies the „Project Gold“ right from the start throughout the individual production steps. The series starts with „the Vision“. Back then, hollow-spoke aluminium wheels were an innovation in the automotive industry. Today, high-tech meets craftsmanship. When adding the finishing touches to the black rims as part of “Classic Project Gold”, the top coat of black paint is precisely removed using a laser, thereby mapping out the golden lines of the design. The Newsroom offers a glimpse behind the scenes of this extraordinary work step. Created by the designers at Style Porsche – implemented by the experts from the Porsche Classic workshop. The seats and interior fittings are painstakingly covered with leather by hand in the dedicated saddlery, where the precise finish is rounded off in black leather with gold appliqué detail. The bodyshell is treated by cathodic dip painting at the Porsche plant, which gives it the same high-end body coating as current series models. This process takes just a few hours but construction of this unique vehicle takes around one and a half years in total.

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