Porsche Luftgekühlt 6 – Walkaround with Ken Hake

Putting air-cooled Porsche models in the spotlight in the heart of Hollywood with Luftgekühlt 6. “Luft came out of nowhere – I went to the first one in Venice Beach and it was just 12 cars around the corner from my house at Deus, in a little restaurant parking lot. I don’t know if it was the branding, the names attached to it or the fact it was curated, which made it sound very exclusive, but somehow they found this perfect niche.” Dressed in a faded T-shirt and squinting in the L.A. sun, motoring writer and social media star Matt Farah is trying to put his finger on why Luftgekühlt has turned into a global phenomenon, but he’s struggling to concentrate. Around him, air-cooled enthusiasts are swarming to get a look at his Leh Keen designed 1987 911 ‘Safari’ as the sixth gathering gets under way in the impossibly cool setting of the Universal Studios backlot.


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