SEAT joins Alastria for the development of blockchain technology-based solutions

SEAT joins the Alastria infrastructure, the first semi-public multisectorial consortium which aims to provide a venue for digital cooperation in an independent, neutral network where blockchain technology-based products and services are developed. With this new move, which makes SEAT the first car manufacturer in joining this pioneering network of over 70 major businesses and institutions, the company aims to test and further progress the development of blockchain technology and encourage synergies with other participating companies. Blockchain technology has been around since 2009 and represents an evolution with respect to the networked communications we know today. Easy accessibility to information, which is increasingly instantaneous, sometimes leads to unreliable data, diminished security and insufficient verification of those involved in the communication processes with external suppliers. In this sense, the aim of this technology is to transform industries by generating an exchange of goods and services without the need to include third parties, and therefore enhance procedural security.

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