Seat – The academic ‘escape room’ for SEAT’s generation Z

SEAT has launched an initiative for the first time to provide company employees’ children with academic and job orientation. The “Descubre-T- by SEAT” session brought together 100 youths in their fourth year of secondary school with the goal of helping them detect their interests, using dynamics and role playing, as a basis for them to decide where to guide their studies. At a time when the working environment is rapidly changing and future professions are somewhat yet to be defined, “Descubre-T- by SEAT” has exposed young people to situations that enable them to discover themselves in an experiential and inspirational way. The dynamics are unlike the classical orientation session and were carried out through trials that stir curiosity and the desire for learning and training. YouTube teacher David Calle was the master of ceremonies of the session and committed to encouraging and inspiring this Generation Z and make them excited at the infinite possibilities available to them.

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