Sevel plant – Fiat light commercial vehicle plant

Ducato was founded in the largest light commercial vehicle plant in Europe: the Sevel plant at Atessa, in Val di Sangro. Here, since 1981, the bases are created that, after the conversion work of the builders-campers, arrive on the roads as recreational vehicles. From the Abruzzo lines six generations of Ducato have set off for roads all over Europe, conquering hundreds of thousands of users thanks to the numerous body variants, the square and regular shape of the cargo area, the versatility of the chassis and driving. These qualities make it the best seller in the main European markets and make it an ideal basis for conversion to campers. The registrations expected in the sector for 2018 are over 120,000, equal to an increase of about 10 percent compared to last year. The demand, therefore, increases year by year, for a growth that involves all the markets and is equal to about 50 percent in four years.


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