Suzuki GXX-S750 YUGEN CARBON Trailer

The Suzuki GSX-S750 represents a unique proposal in the current motorcycle scene. There are no other naked four-cylinder machines, a legendary type of motorcycle, which has written epic pages of two-wheeled history. The formula is still winning, because it skilfully combines breathtaking emotions and usability, putting high performance within everyone’s reach. And today Suzuki makes this model even more desirable with the new YUGEN: TITANIUM and CARBON versions. But what is the meaning of the word YUGEN? YUGEN in Japanese art indicates „mysterious abilities that can not be described in words“. YUGEN has been created for all those motorcyclists who have a passion for refined technical details and want to drive a performance bike, exclusive and treated in detail. The new versions arrive on the market thanks to the success of the previous one, with an even greater customer advantage and an incredibly rich endowment, capable of embellishing the GSX-S 750 with several original accessories and some SC-Project details.


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