The all new Volkswagen T-Cross – Covered Drive Exterior Design in Makena Turquoise

Such a camouflage has never existed at Volkswagen on a purchase. So far prototypes were discreetly masked in black and white during the last test and test drives, so that nobody recognizes the details. A so-called „covered drive“. The T-Cross will be different. The small SUV is intended to appeal to young customers and win for the brand – and this is already evident in the test drives. „Black Uni“, „Energetic Orange“ and „Makena Turquoise“ are the names of the vehicle colors. The matching colored camouflage make the Covered Drive a Colored Drive. The T-Cross is meant to attract attention “It was very important to us to create a car that stands out in traffic,” says Klaus Bischoff, chief designer of the Volkswagen brand. “When you design an SUV, you have to make it look as if it could conquer any road on the planet. Independent, masculine, powerful. And these are all attributes the T-Cross has.” Outside of Munich, the T-Cross demonstrates its ability to conquer any road, when it reveals itself to a small group of people for the first time. Through gravel pits and the foothills of the Alps, along gravel roads and across fields toward Lake Starnberg. The T-Cross lets off steam, and that’s exactly what the smallest member of Volkswagen’s SUV family is for: small and big adventures in the cities and their outskirts.


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