The BMW M5 Story

High-powered saloons, four-door automobiles for the race track, businessman’s express, invisible sports car – the many different descriptions used to characterise the BMW M5 bear witness to the fascination this vehicle concept has engendered since the very beginning. In the meantime, thesixth model generation has lined up on the starting grid – more powerful than ever before while at the same time inimitably part of the heritage. This tradition was launched 33 years ago with the development of the first BMW M5 and the associated establishment of a completely new vehicle category.The BMW M5 combines the driving characteristics of a blue riband sportscar with the comfort and functionality features of a luxury saloon.The fact that no compromises are necessary is a tribute to the harmony typical of BMW Mautomobilesencompassed in the overall concept of engine, power transmission, chassis and design. Thisphilosophy empowered the BMW M5 Story to become an exceptional tale of success. Technological progress combined with an evolutionary change in theengine and drive concept have ensured that each new model generation moves forward toascend even higher dimensions of dynamic driving performance. This progress does notimpact on the essence of the driver’s experience. Regardless of the number of cylinders and the powered wheels, BMW M5 guarantees development of power that is spontaneous while being sustained over a long period of time thanks to the high-revving concept. Additional features are provided by exceptional agility and secure handling characteristics onthe road alongside superior dynamic performance on the race track. Another element ofconstancy threading through the BMW M5 Story is the understatement inherent in the automobile’s appearance. The model – specific design attributes of the high – performance saloon harmonises with the fundamental look of the BMW 5 Series.


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