The new BMW X5 challenges the impervious desert of Morocco

For the launch of the new BMW X5, BMW Italia has created an unparalleled undertaking: bringing the iconic curves of Monza into the secular sand of the Sahara. The historic Monza circuit took shape in Merzouga, in one of the most desert areas of Morocco: a route of 5,793 meters that stands out among the sands and rocks of the Sahara. Every curve, every straightaway, every chicane has been faithfully reconstructed on a 1: 1 scale, both in the radius of curvature and in the distances. For two weeks, more than 50 people including engineers, surveyors, technicians, workers and pilots have worked and contributed to the creation of the company. It took 4 days of study and preparation with surveyors, engineers and architects, with 8 positions for topographic design and simulation. For 9 days, 4 bulldozers and 4 trucks dug 24 cubic meters at a time to prepare the soil and remove excess sand; while 2 grader and 2 compactors have stretched and compacted the track. Over 3500 cubic meters of earth have been moved to give life to the off-road track.

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