The new Jaguar XE is a Hyper-real work of Art

The new Jaguar XE brings innovative technology, the latest convenience systems and enhanced connectivity to the compact saloon class. Jaguar’s advanced Touch Pro Duo infotainment system is now available, putting control of all key systems at the driver’s fingertips using a pair of HD touchscreens and intuitive, tactile rotary dials. The minimalist system was first introduced in the all-electric I-PACE and features a large upper screen which delivers impressive clarity, responsiveness and enhanced functionality. The lower touchscreen can be used to adjust settings, such as for climate control, without disrupting the upper screen, while intuitive capacitive switches ensure the driver is able to change settings without diverting their attention from the road. Combined with the latest generation 12.3-inch Interactive Driver Display instrument cluster, all of the important information a driver needs is logically and intuitively displayed to minimise distraction. Jaguar’s latest generation larger and brighter Head-up Display helps drivers to keep their eyes on the road. The full-colour set-up, projects key information such as satellite navigation directions, current speed data and the incoming caller contact name directly into the driver’s eye line. The first-in-segment ClearSight interior rear view mirror uses a rear-facing camera to feed images to a high-resolution screen within the mirror. A small toggle switch on the mirror allows the driver to switch seamlessly between the standard mirror and the camera feed. This means the rear view is not blocked by rear passengers or obstructed by water on the rear screen and it also gives a wider 50-degree field of vision, enhancing safety on wide multi-lane carriageways.

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