The new Mercedes-Benz EQC Edition 1886 Preview

Karl Benz changed the world forever when he invented the automobile in 1886. He later went on to found Mercedes-Benz, which undeniably continues to set the bar for automotive excellence. The new Mercedes-Benz EQC Edition 1886 pays tribute to Karl Benz as a special edition of the brand’s first electric car. While other automakers have been producing electric vehicles for years, the new EQC Edition 1886 places the refined luxury, advanced technology and superior performance that Mercedes-Benz is known for in an electric vehicle. Essentially, the EQC redefines what an all-electric vehicle should be, and our team at Mercedes-Benz of Hagerstown is excited to tell you more about its capabilities and features. By choosing the Mercedes-Benz EQC Edition 1886, you can appreciate the incredible power of two induction motors that have astounding performance capabilities. If you hold the perception that all-electric SUVs are sluggish, the EQC will set the record straight. The SUV tops out at 112 miles per hour, and it can jet off the starting line to reach 60 miles per hour in only 4.9 seconds. The two motors produce a combined rating of 402 horsepower. Its lithium ion battery can be fully charged in only 40 minutes using a standard DC charger. This all-electric car offers more than speed. Mated with a 4MATIC all-wheel drive drivetrain, an ECO Assist System and DYNAMIC Select, it delivers exceptional all-around performance. Even its safety features are refined, and they include a PRE-SAFE system, speed limit assist, active brake assist, active blind spot assist and others.


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