The new Volkswagen Touareg – Head up Display

The Innovision cockpit in the new Touareg¹ – an interactive digital landscape consisting of display and control elements – is the blueprint for the cockpit of the future. A head-up display lends the perfect finishing touch: it projects a virtual summary of the latest key information into the driver’s selective field of vision. Data (the vehicle’s current speed, the maximum permitted speed, etc.) and visual information from the navigation system feel as though they are projected into the space immediately in front of the Touareg, i.e. the street. This ensures the information is visible to the driver at all times. From a technical point of view, the information is actually reflected on the windscreen as a transparent display – hence the name “windshield head-up display“. At 217 mm in width and 88 mm in height, it is the largest head-up display offered by Volkswagen.

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