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6 Shameless Gaming Rip-offs

Some developers seen great games as a source of inspiration, while other developers see an opportunity to rip them off! Here are a list of great games and their not-so-great counterparts! Try not to feel too ripped-off!

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6 INFURIATINGLY Difficult Game Puzzles

Puzzles are part of video games, and have been since the dawn of time. Well, video game time anyway. But some of them are so frustratingly, unbelievably rage-inducingly difficult that they make you want to throw your games console into a river. Here are just some of those videogame puzzles …

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6 Times We Let Humanity Burn To The Ground!

We all love living out our wildest dreams of being a great hero that saves the day, but there’s always that little itch at the back of our heads that tempts us to let out our inner dark side. While being the good guy can be fun, sometimes it’s so …

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6 Hardest Video Game Decisions

The vast array of in-game decision us gamers can make is getting a little bit too much. Choosing between life and death and good and evil is becoming a process of great great complexity. Here are our 6 hardest in game decisions of all time!

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6 Great Games With Ridiculous Plot Holes

Ah plots. All games have ‚em but few make sense. Some of these are truly the most egregious and irritating once you really think about ‚em though. Chris, Jamie and Alex take you on a guided tour of confusion and bad writing.

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