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Audi e-tron extreme Action Clip

In late January, Audi sent its first fully electric-powered SUV onto the slopes where the world’s best ski racers battle for victory in the Hahnenkamm Race. The specially equipped Audi e‑tron climbed the “Mausefalle” on the legendary “Streif”. With an 85 percent gradient, it is the steepest section of the …

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Randy Orton || Draw My Life

Randy Orton finally does an interview with Draw My Life! ***** DRAW MY SCANDAL every Monday & Friday ***** DRAW MY LIFE every Wednesday & Saturday Subscribe to see new movie stars, pop stars, sports stars, geniuses and legends – living and dead – tell us their life stories every …

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25 Facts About Alien Covenant

It’s the 6th installment in the hugely popular science fiction franchise. A paradise the crew of the Covenant discover turns out to be a horror show! Well what did you expect, it’s an Alien movie!

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10 Scariest Kids in Horror Movies

In today’s video we’re continuing on that dark, spooky road full of all things Halloween-y! They’re the little monsters (sometimes literally), that haunt your nightmares and can put you off having children for years to come. This is our list of the 10 Scariest Children in Horror Movies!

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