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101 Facts About The Human Body

101 Facts About The Human Body 1552620857 1 310x165 - 101 Facts About The Human Body

Bodies, eh? They’re INSANE. So much stuff going on – well, maybe that’s just with me. I won’t go into it. Lots of medical anomalies. And one world record broken. ANYWAY, find out some facty bits about your body bits with this nice little video. EnJOY!

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101 Facts About Cults

101 Facts About Cults 1552620847 310x165 - 101 Facts About Cults

Today we are going to the dark side, motherfactors. We’re delving into the world of crazy rituals, warped religion and in the most extreme cases, mass suicides and massacres. That’s right, it’s 101 facts about cults.

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101 Facts About NASA

101 Facts About NASA 1552620787 310x165 - 101 Facts About NASA

One small list for man, one giant list of facts about NASA… Okay, so it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it but 101 facts‘ answer to Neil Armstrong, Sam, is here to bring you 101 Facts about NASA.

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101 Facts About Dinosaurs

101 Facts About Dinosaurs 1552620806 310x165 - 101 Facts About Dinosaurs

Salutations motherfactors! Today we’re going back in time to look into the world of some of the largest and most savage creatures that have ever walked on our delicate earth. He may not be Chris Pratt in Jurassic World, but Sam is here to tell you 101 Facts About Dinosaurs.

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101 Facts About France

101 Facts About France 1552620813 310x165 - 101 Facts About France

Bonjour mother factors! Today we’re headed to the country that boasts La Ville Des Lumières, and has more cheese and wine than you can shake a stick at. We’re off to learn 101 facts about France.

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101 Facts About Hacking

101 Facts About Hacking 1552620834 310x165 - 101 Facts About Hacking

Greetings motherfactors. For this Friday edition of 101 Facts, we’re delving into the world of computers and secrecy. That’s right, it’s 101 Facts about Hacking!

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101 Facts About Germany

101 Facts About Germany 1552620831 310x165 - 101 Facts About Germany

Guten Tag Motherfactors! We’re off on holiday to ANOTHER location in this episode of 101 Facts. Get ready for Lederhosen, Oktoberfest and a hell of a lot of terrible pronunciation as Sam tells you 101 Facts About Germany.

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