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Peppermint: the medicinal plant

Peppermint the medicinal plant 1535457928 310x165 - Peppermint: the medicinal plant

There is a long list of ailments that peppermint can help. In naturopathy, the medicinal plant with its potent aroma is usually recommended in the form of tea for conditions such as digestive problems, flatulence, fever and stress.

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Seat – 53,000 panels to harness the power of the sun

Seat 53000 panels to harness the power of the sun 1529668992 310x165 - Seat - 53,000 panels to harness the power of the sun

One of the world’s largest photovoltaic plants in the automotive industry can be found in the SEAT Martorell factory. Covering an area equivalent to 40 football fields, its 53,000 panels reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 4,000 tonnes annually. The plant generates 17 million kWh a year, enough energy to charge …

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100 Sekunden: Gelber Diamant

Gerade in diesen Minuten wird in Genf der „Sun-Drop“ versteigert. Einer der größten gelben Diamanten der Welt. Der Schätzwert des Ausnahmediamanten: über 11 Mio Euro, damit soll der Diamant den Weltauktionsrekord brechen. Unsere 100 Sekunden zum Thema: Diamanten.

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