Trending: Taylor Swift urges fans to vote, Lana Del Ray threatens Azealia Banks, and James Gunn to write and possibly direct ‚Suicide Squad 2‘

In case you missed it, here’s what’s trending right now. Taylor Swift has just celebrated a bit win at the American Music Awards and she used the opportunity to urge fans to vote. Explaining that all the awards on that night were voted for by the people, now it’s time for them to turn their attention to the mid term elections in November. She also recently shared that’s she’ll be voting for two Democrats in Tennessee Lana Del Ray has just threatened Azealia Banks in a heated Twitter rant, in a little less than lady like manner. The pair having been feuding publicly since Banks went after Lana for calling out Kanye West for supporting Donald Trump, and neither of them it seems is going to back down any time soon. Finally, James Gunn is to write and even possibly direct ‘Suicide Squad 2’. Since being fired from the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ franchise over old indecent tweets that surfaced, he hasn’t been working, now it looks like his camera could well be rolling again!

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