Volkswagen T-Roc Design Preview

The Volkswagen T-Roc is a compact crossover capable of reconciling apparently conflicting aspects: performance and comfort, emotionality and rationality, urban lifestyle and extraordinary versatility. The T-Roc is a new face that stands out. A five-door capable of combining the strength of an SUV and the agility of a compact sports car; a car that is perfectly at home both in the urban dimension and on long distances. Externally, the appealing proportions are enhanced by a modern design, available in eleven body colors and four roof colors that allow numerous combinations. The interiors are distinguished by advanced solutions perfectly combined with high functionality. A five-seater with a 445-liter trunk (among the largest in the segment), seven different colors and a fully digitized and connected dashboard. The T-Roc is the first SUV in its class available with fully digital instrumentation: the new generation Active Info Display. Together with the glass-lined infotainment systems, a digital visual and control axis was created, in which the new technologies in the Volkswagen Car-Net network with the relative Apps and mobile online services find their perfect place.


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