WSBK 2018 – Brembo Data France

Thirty-two wins out of 32 races for Brembo on the French track Third last round of the season for the Superbike World Championship, from 28 to 30 September 2018 at the Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours, in France. Located in the Franche-Comté region of Bourgogne, it can host the beauty of 139,112 spectators on its 14 grandstands. The circuit hosted the Formula 1 from 1991 to 2008 and the 500 class in 1992. The Superbike debuted in 1991 and returned in 2003, making it a stop every year since. As a tribute to other historical tracks, some curves of Magny-Cours bear the names of these tracks. The track alternates fast bends where the brakes are used very little braking with high intensity that put a strain on the braking system: in two points the entry speed curve is less than 60 km / and in another pair does not exceed 80 km / h. The rain and the low temperatures that distinguish it could create problems for the braking systems, preventing the minimum operating temperature: in 2015 Race 1 was held in the rain with 11 degrees of temperature while Race 2, even in the dry, ran with 14 degrees. In 2016 Race 1 was run with rain and in 2017 Race 1 and Race 2 in the dry but only 16 degrees.

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