Historic Monte-Carlo Rally – Day 3

This historic “Monte” will be remembered for many things, as always for its hardness, for the best anecdote of the final winner and for many other reasons, but certainly not for the amount of snow on its route. Not at least for now, because there is not, which does not mean that the SEAT Historical team is prepared in case the snow or ice become protagonists. Mía Bardolet is enjoying the experience: it is her first Monte-Carlo and she never thought she would do it with a luxurious rear-wheel-drive saloon of just over a thousand kilos manufactured there by 1953. She does not feel disappointed at all, but in addition to much suffering they assured her a lot of snow … „I have come very motivated and well prepared, including gloves, hat and shoes for extreme cold, but at the moment there is hardly any snow, although that is not why it seems like an easy rally,“ Bardolet explains. “For a rally driver to keep the whole test at a restricted average speed is not easy, but it is true that although the average speed is low, it is sometimes impossible to keep up because the roads are several kilometers with linked first-speed curves . So every now and then you have to run a lot. I have come well prepared and thanks to SEAT we could also do a test rally such as Andorra, in which I took the SEAT 1400 to the 7th place.


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