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Kia E Scooter

Hyundai Motor Group has developed a new prototype electric scooter. Based on the initial concept presented at the 2017 CES, the new model has rear-wheel drive, a high capacity lithium battery and elegant front and rear lights. This last concept is present in the future plans of the Hyundai Motor Group to facilitate the mobility of the first and last miles, by integrating the scooter into the future vehicles of Hyundai and Kia. When it is coupled to the vehicle, the scooter is automatically charged with the electricity produced while driving, which ensures that the user can complete his journey without problems. The change of the 2019 model, from front-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive, is key to improving safety and stability, since it places the weight near the rear. In addition, the Group's engineers have added suspension to the front wheel to provide a smoother ride, even on uneven surfaces. The latest version of the Hyundai Motor Group electric scooter includes a 10.5 Ah lithium battery. This allows it to reach a maximum speed of 20 km / h and is enough to propel the scooter for about 20 km with a single load. With a weight of about 7.7 kg, it is very easy to transport, while its unique and compact design, foldable in triptych, makes it lighter and more compact than any other similar product. In addition, for night driving, the new scooter is equipped with two stylishly designed LED headlights and two taillights. In the face of possible future development, the Group plans to install a regenerative braking system to increase autonomy by 7%.

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