Lamborghini Urus and Aaron Durogati together for an extraordinary feat

The super SUV Urus and Aaron Durogati will face a unique challenge together. The Unlock Any Road concept of the Super SUV Urus meets the versatility of the two-time paragliding world champion Aaron Durogati, who will soon take part in the demanding Red Bull X-Alps. The 36-year-old Aaron Durogati, born in Merano, will start on June 20th in the Red Bull X-Alps, one of the toughest adventure races in the world, in which this time 33 selected participants will compete against each other over several days, all with paragliders and will be on foot (hike and fly). The aim is to pass the 1,238 kilometer long Alpine arc from Austria to Italy as quickly as possible. The race takes place in a daily time window between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. until the last athlete has completed the course.

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