MACBOR Eight Mile 500

Following the launch of the successful Montana XR5, the first medium-displacement MACBOR Trail, the Spanish brand created by and for motorcycle enthusiasts, presents the Eight Mile 500, which extends the mid-displacement range with this attractive new naked. in its two versions. With the Eight Mile 500, MACBOR consolidates its presence in the medium-cylinder market, now accessing one of its most competitive segments, that of naked. The growth experienced by MACBOR in recent years, both in terms of sales and range has been progressive and constant, with more than ten models in the portfolio, not only focused on small but also medium displacements and with a presence in segments with greater demand, such as the trail and, from now on, the naked. The Eight Mile 500 stands out for being a model in which its developers have not only put all their know-how, but also all their passion for the world of motorcycles, with extreme care even for the smallest of details, either for design, technology or equipment. Something that is instantly appreciated when viewed live, with that aroma that products made with the greatest care give off and that give it soul, because the new Eight Mile 500 is not conceived as a mere means of transport but as a companion alongside the to enjoy all kinds of adventures.

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