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6 Dumb Plot Twists That Ruined The Entire Game

Plot twists in games can be right curveballs. You don't usually see them coming and they can be very surprising when they happen. But sometimes, plot twists in games can be so stupid, that they actually go on to ruin the rest of the game. Which is why we wanted …

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6 Worst Things Call Of Duty Has Ever Done

Call of Duty is considered a staple of the games industry. Sure we get them every year, but they continue to sell. They're untouchable, which makes it hard to make complaints. But we've done it anyway. We've looked at all the Call of Duty titles from when it all started …

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So grell und rasant ist das neue „Need for Speed: Heat“

Seit einigen Episoden ist Electronic Arts' traditionsreiche Bleifuß-Reihe "Need for Speed" vom Pech verfolgt, jetzt will man es noch mal genau wissen: PC-, PS4- und Xbox-Fahrer erkunden in "Need for Speed: Heat" einmal mehr ein buntes Racer-Wunderland. Detailverliebter durfte man selten tunen.

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6 Horror Games That Make Our Skin Crawl

At Alltime Gaming, we like to think of ourselves as hard nuts, when in fact, the slightest jump scares in games makes us run for the hills. Just take a look at Jamie when we played some Layers of Fear 2 or Resident Evil 7! And, in the spirit of …

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6 Worst Voiceovers In Gaming

Performance is everything. If you've got a narrative driven game, then you've got to have decent acting to go along side it. It makes or breaks a game's believability. There are absolute classics like God of War or Red Dead Redemption 2... but then you get the terrible ones like …

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Nach heftiger Fan-Kritik: So sieht der neue Kino-„Sonic“ jetzt aus!

Nach den verheerenden Reaktionen auf den letzten Trailer zum "Sonic"-Kinofilm hat Anbieter Paramount das Startdatum seiner Videospiel-Adaption verlegt, um den kleinen CGI-Igel einer Generalüberholung zu unterziehen. Und tatsächlich: Im neuen Trailer flitzt das Sega-Maskottchen so durch die Pampa, wie man ihn kennt und liebt.

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