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In computing, the term data warehouse appliance was coined by Foster Hinshaw to define a new category of computer architecture for data warehousing specifically targeted for Big Data Analytics and Discovery that is simple to use and very high performance for this workload. A DWA includes an integrated set of servers, storage, operating system, and DBMS.
In marketing, the term has evolved to include pre-installed and pre-optimized hardware and software as well as similar software-only systems promoted as easy to install on specific recommended hardware configurations or preconfigured as a complete system. These are marketing uses of the term and do not reflect the technical definition.
At its core, a DWA is designed specifically for high performance big data analytics and is delivered as an easy-to-use packaged solution. The internal software constructs of a DWA differ significantly from a traditional stack in that they are written for a target workload and not a generic general purpose workload.
DW appliances are marketed for middle-to-big data applications, most commonly on data volumes in the terabyte to petabyte range.

Microsoft baut mit HP Big Data & Business Intelligence weiter aus

Wien – Microsoft ist führend im Business Intelligence Bereich. Diese Spitzenposition wurde erst kürzlich von Gartner bestätigt, das Microsoft als Leader im Bereich „Business Intelligence und Analytics Platforms“ eingestuft hat. Mit der Vorstellung des neuen SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse und der intensiven Zusammenarbeit mit HP wird Microsoft seiner …

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