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Daring rope escape in Hong Kong

Dozens of Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters dramatically escape a two-day police siege at a university campus late Monday by shimmying down ropes from a bridge to waiting motorbikes. IMAGES

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PLA soldiers watch from barracks as Hong Kong protest intensifies

China's People's Liberation Army soldiers watch the clashes, including fires, between pro-democracy activists that have occupied the neighbouring Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the police from their barracks. PLA soldiers made an unprecendented appearance Saturday when they briefly came out to help clean-up areas of the city. IMAGES

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Hong Kong police launch water cannon outside university campus

Police use water cannon and fire tear gas outside the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to disperse protesters in Hong Kong. Pro-democracy activists, who are intent on keeping their stronghold on a major tunnel near the university, clashed with police on Sunday morning, vowing to "squeeze the economy" into next week. …

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Chaos in central Hong Kong

Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters clash with riot police in the city's business district in one of the most violent stretches of unrest seen in more than five months of political chaos. IMAGES

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