DESERTEC is a project supported by a foundation of the same name and the consortium Dii created in Germany as a limited liability company. The project aims at creating a global renewable energy plan based on the concept of harnessing sustainable power from sites where renewable sources of energy are more abundant and transferring it through high-voltage direct current transmission to consumption centers. All kinds of renewable energy sources are envisioned, but the sun-rich deserts of the world play a special role. By taking into account land and water use, DESERTEC is intended to offer an integrated solution to food and water shortages in the coming decades.
DESERTEC was developed by the Trans-Mediterranean Renewable Energy Cooperation, a voluntary organization founded in 2003 by the Club of Rome and the National Energy Research Center Jordan, made up of scientists and experts from across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. It is from this network that the DESERTEC Foundation later emerged as a non-profit organization tasked with promoting the DESERTEC solution around the world.


Fünf Länder planen Desertec-Abkommen

Berlin – Europäische und nordafrikanische Regierungen forcieren nach Informationen der „Süddeutschen Zeitung“ die Realisierung des Wüstenstromprojekts Desertec. Deutschland, Frankreich, Italien,…

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