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Bruce Lee (†32): Meet His Beautiful Daughter Shannon

Bruce Lee was one of the best martial artists of all time and is still considered to be today. He is the co-founder of the Kong Fu film genre in the western world and his work is still highly praised today. But, do you know what his daughter Shannon is …

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‚She’s All That‘: Where Is The Cast Today

Shes All That Where Is The Cast Today 1565739188 310x205 - 'She's All That': Where Is The Cast Today

Of course you watched the movie She´s All That, right? If not, then you have homework this weekend! This is a teen movie classic and we are celebrating its 20th anniversary! Watch the video here to know what the amazing cast is doing nowadays!

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Cardi B misses daughter Kulture’s first steps

Cardi B misses daughter Kultures first steps 1564455701 310x205 - Cardi B misses daughter Kulture's first steps

Cardi B is apparently devastated that she didn't get to see her daughter Kulture taking her first steps. The 26-year-old rapper opened up about missing the milestone in a clip shared to her Instagram Stories on Friday night and revealed she was doing a meet and greet with fans when …

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