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Lot ist das französische Département mit der Ordnungsnummer 46. Es liegt im Süden des Landes in der Region Midi-Pyrénées und wurde nach dem Fluss Lot benannt, einem Nebenfluss der Garonne.

Plastic with a future – PP compounding

Plastic – it is very hard to imagine our world without it. Especially the automotive industry relies on special plastics because they are lightweight, modulatable and adaptable to many other requirements. Polypropylene compounds – small plastic balls – which have been fortified by accessory agents offer a lot of flexibility.
Specialty …

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6 Incredible Easter Eggs Discovered in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 has always been known for its weird and wonderful humour, and there is a lot of it. And the team at Gearbox, in their usual fashion have hidden some pretty sweet content for you to find. Thankfully, the team at AlltimeGaming have been working hard to uncover it, …

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Trump: WTO’s Airbus-Boeing ruling a big ‚win‘ for US

US President Donald Trump hails a World Trade Organization ruling allowing Washington to retaliate against Europe's illegal support for Airbus as a big "win" for the United States. "We've had a lot of wins, this was a $7 billion win, not bad" says the President. SOUNDBITE

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These 5 Hollywood Stars Were Not Born in the USA

Let's face it! A lot of Americans we know weren't born in the US, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that some of these actors were born outside the states. These actors are no different! We have to admit, some are pretty interesting... 

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